Git branching and development cycle for a small team

When you join a small team, there are chances that there are no development cycle or proper git branching strategies. I recently was moved to a small team were my task was to release our app within a tight schedule. Of course, this wasn't a walk in the park. There were lots of requirements, lots of bug fixes and lots of meetings with other teams. To make matters worse there was no development cycle. I took the authority to write a git branching and development cycle for my team, and it has served our team really well for the last 3 months.

Developing custom maps application using Mapbox and Bing Maps API

Every developer first things about Google Maps SDK, before thinking about any third party Map's SDK. Well Mapbox is a third party SDK which is available for Android, iOS and the web. In Mapbox you can choose a map style or completely customize your own map, add custom marker points, satellite imagery etc. The main idea behind Mapbox is flexibility.

Mapbox demo for Android

Developing a chat application using PubNub

Developing a chat application in Android is tough. You need to have your own chat server, which is a pain to setup. It also requires your android app to handle your own HTTP requests and responses which requires AsyncTask. But to some relief we have Volley, Retrofit, Ion and other third party libraries to simplify the process. What if we don't have to do anything mentioned above and still get a super powerful chat application. Well that is where PubNub comes.

Android chat application using PubNub

Using Chrome Custom Tabs in your project

Until now, there hasn't been an alternative to WebView for showing rich third party web content in android. Developers are tied to using WebView which is often slow, takes user attention away and non-customizable. Chrome custom tabs gives developers more control over their web experience, and makes transitions between native and web content more seamless without having to resort to a WebView.

Chrome Custom Tabs by Anjith Sasindran

Using combination of Object Animator, Circular Reveal and Alpha Animation

I like user interfaces, and for that very reason, I like going through UI mockups on Dribbble. The problem with most of the designs are that, they have too much animations, or they cannot be implemented programmatically in an easy manner. I found this post by Mathias Adam, which seemed to have right combinations of animations. So I took my laptop out and coded it.

Material Card Animation by Mathias Adam